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Döxa biography, symphonic power metal band

DÖXA was born in the spring of 2007 in Madrid, Spain, the brainchild of keyboardist Víctor Fernández (ex-Darksun). With the dedication of a handful of his friends — all well known musicians from the Spanish metal scene such as Dani G. (Darksun, Last Days of Eden), Ani M. Fojaco (Last Days of Eden)…— Döxa released its first self-produced album, “Onceand for All” (2010).

Döxa’s music, which drew heavily from both Symphonic and Classic Metal -and a little from folk, new age and classical music- was highly praised by the press, which remarked on its variety and complexity with descriptions such as dramatic”, bombastic, theatrical, and even “thought-provoking”. A wide spectrum of influences from bands like Dio, Blind Guardian, Epica, Skyclad, and Devin Townsend was perceived.

Although conceived as a studio project, the success of the first release granted the project a large enough fan base in Spain to go live with a brand new line up, active from 2010 to 2012. Döxa went back to being a studio project again in 2012 (due to personal differences among the members), but Döxa never really stopped and came back in 2013 with a new self-produced album, “Delendha est Carthago”, highlighting a “more mature and epic sound than its first release.

Now, after taking a breath to consolidate and prepare for greater challenges, the band has written and recorded its third studio album, “Lust for Wonder, reaching new heights of heaviness and drama. With “Lust for Wonder, Döxa have created a musical work that no fan of melodic and symphonic metal should miss!

“Lust for Wonder” will be released worldwide by label Pitch Black Records on September 29th 2017! The band will be touring through Spain soon with a new brand line-up.

New line-up

  • Vanessa “Nane” Marín: Vocals
  • Sebastián Orjuela: Guitars
  • Juanjo Alcaraz (ex-Elderdawn, Khy): Guitars
  • Juanje Rama (ex-Inordem, Gizëh): Bass
  • Víctor Fernández: Keyboards
  • Miguel “Pichi” Fernández (ex-Darksun, ex-Black Devil): Drums