• Doxa

Döxa biography, symphonic power metal band

Döxa’s history began in 2007 when Víctor Fernández (keyboards), moved from Asturias to Madrid and decided to leave Darksun. Döxa would be born as a studio project revolving around symphonic metal. So, he made some calls and surrounded himself with other high-quality musicians, such as egytian vocalist Dina Nasser, and – after the writing process and the recordings at Dani G’s (Darksun, Last Days of Eden) Dynamita Studios were finished. Döxa released what would be its first album: “Once…and for All”, wich was very warmly welcomed from both press and fans worldwide.

During 2012, Döxa worked on the pre-production of the second album, and in 2013 Victor went back to Dynamita Studios for the recording process. “Delendha est Carthago” is a harsher and more dramatic album than “Once…and for All”, and it was finally released via Döxa Official Youtube Channel in October 2013. Recordings for the third album started in summer 2015 and reached the peak in summer 2016 with a most epic and powerful stuff.

At this point, Döxa got the attention of some international labels and the band was invited to perform at some relevant events. Víctor and Rita took a new approach and again recruited a handful of musicians in Madrid. Thus, Döxa was back to the live shows and played with Diabulus in Musica and Last Days of Eden at the Siero Metal Fest in March 2017, where the band sound had

a huge success. In the meantime, negotiations were successful and Döxa joined the roster of Pitch Black Records, that released the band’s third album, “Lust For Wonder” on September, 29th. With this third release Döxa secured a place among the most ambitious European Symphonic Metal bands, showing a wide spectrum of influences that range from the folk sounds of Skyclad to the orchestrations of Nightwish or Epica, without forgetting 80’s and 90’s heavy metal sound.

On September 2017, Döxa presents a new line-up and starts a tour through all the nacional territory. This line-up stabilizes in February 2018 and the concerts continue till the presentation of “Lust for Wonder” in Madrid the 27th of October 2018. Shortly after, the band announces a great new: is immersed in the preparation of a fourth album. The recordings were made through December 2018 and January 2019, again at the Dynamita Studios, by the hand of Dani G. in production (Sound engineer of Rage and Gus G.). Daniel Alonso (WarCry, Darksun) was in charge of the marvellous album cover and artwork. This time, the band brings a conceptual and sharp album, with an unique and personal sound, really different to what they did previously.

On the other hand, Döxa announces that they will join Lady Stone Music Management’s Agency roster and they aspire to show this new work anywhere in Spain and abroad. The release of this new album will be in spring 2019, with a consolidated and compact working team, will take Döxa ́s music to infinite places and aims to confirm the band as a top-notch and influential name in the symphonic metal genre.

New line-up

  • Vanessa “Nane” Marín (ex-Crownless): Vocals
  • Sebastián Orjuela: Guitars
  • Juanjo Alcaraz (KHY, Lethargus): Guitars
  • David Noisel (KHY, Ars Amandi): Bass
  • Víctor Fernández (ex-Darksun): Keyboards
  • Ezequiel Marimón (Isaac Palón, Druidas): Drums